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Relocations AB
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Moving Advice

“I have a cousin who was about to move a couple of years ago and she asked me to help her. Just as I started carrying things out of the kitchen I discovered that she had packed two layers of crystal glasses in paper bags with only pot -holders between them... That was a typical example of how NOT to pack. However this time all went well and not a single glass was broken”.    MH

Things to think of before moving

Do you want to pack or shall we do it for you? If you want to pack but want us to move for you we will provide cartons and other packing material.

Important to think of when you pack is:

  • Pack fragile goods carefully wrapped in paper also make sure to put paper between the objects.
  • Plates should be packed vertically with paper or/and with other goods to stabilize the content.
  • To eliminate the risk of ink stains do not wrap ktichen ornaments in newspaper, washing up is probably the last thing you feel like doing when arriving at your new home.
  • Do not pack cartons full with books; fill half the carton with books and the other half with light goods.
  • Try to pack all loose goods in cartons even if that means that the carton is not closeable, this way we save time and you save money.
  • Tie string or use tape round long objects such as brooms and curtain rods to keep them together.
  • If you have a piano or other bulky or heavy furniture that you wish to move we would like to know this in advance.
  • Do not forget to notify the authorities of your change of address, move your telefon line, internet connection, cable- TV etc and to close yourelectricity subscription. Also don’t forget to start an electricity subscription at the new address.

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