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Relocations AB
Telephone (Int):
+46 8 39 28 90
Fax (Int):
+46 8 39 11 30

The Company

Relokal SFA Relocations was founded by Mats Haglund, actively involved in the company.

Business Concept
We carry out international, national and local moves. When arriving at the international destination we make sure the necessary services are in place for the cus tomer to feel relaxed, secure and settled in. We also arrange and perform transportation, distribution and storage in the same professional manner. Our customer base is private persons, embassies, companies and governmental departments..

Mats Haglund has 11 years experience in the real estate business. Common for this profession is the importance of giving the customer a genuinely satisfactory service. Our aim is that all our clients are satisfied with the service we deliver!

The company of course holds the necessary license to operate heavy goods vehicles,and thorough insurance coverage. Furthermore we are also members of SÅ, the Swedish hauliers association, and our personnel are insured through BA, the Swedish transport labour organisation.Internationally we belong to HHGFAA , Household Goods Forwarders Association of America, Inc, a professional worldwide international moving companies association.

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